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Behind the Wheel

Teen Behind the Wheel


Behind the Wheel Driver's Training

This basic course commonly referred to as “Drivers Ed” is required for students 15-17 who wish to obtain a driver’s license.  Required by the Virginia Department of Motor (DMV), this course consists of a 7-day program behind-the-wheel training.  We provide full transportation with pick-up and drop-off services with your teen.  The course covers basic driving skills as well of defensive driving skills.  At the completion of the course, the teen will take the DMV road test with our instructor. Upon successful completion, the student will be issued a temporary driver’s license.

Behind the Wheel Driver's Training Schedule

Miles School of Driving trains 7-days/week behind the wheel, Sunday - Monday with appointments times from 6:30 a.m - 7:00 p.m.  All private instruction are conducted in our vehicles.  We operate only fully-insured, late-model vehicles with dual-brake control.

Course Requirements

At least 15 years of age

- Learners Permit for 9 months

- Parental permission with 45 hours practice guided (completed and logged)

- Completion of drivers education program; classroom or online

Course Curriculum

- Course conducted 7 days/week

- Total of 14 hours (7 hours driving, 7 hours observational)

Price: $260

Student Billing Information
Payment1$260.00$260.00$0.00 (0%)
Total amount$260.00
When & Where

Hampton Roads area. Contact us to schedule date and time.

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